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Just a few examples of the wide spectra of our previous Projects...

Coaching for SME through EU Commission program

Based on this philosophy 3 distinct coaching services are available:

  • Business development: focused on the identification, analysis and evaluation of potential business opportunities, the definition of business segments and the development of an effective marketing mix;
  • Organisation: aimed at mobilizing the resources of the SME to ensure the efficiency and performance of the company’s organisation;
  • Cooperation: to support SMEs in planning and implementing innovation partnerships and project consortia.

Growth analysis and coaching for industri


Business-Remedy Associates is one of four firms contracted to assist IUC syd with analysis in growth and to coach comapnies to improve their business.

The two step program consist of a start analysis with growth potential focus. Next step is coaching to the management and the company in large to help them grow.

Target companies are between 5 and 50 employees with an industrial fokus och cloese to industri production or service.

Micro-finance for start-up companies​


This Project has its base in the European Progress program. The EU kommission has together with the European Investment Bank (EIB) set up a fund to garantuee credit institutions losses when lending to small start-ups, privat persons wanting to start and even small companies wanting to expand.

This is ongoing in several countries across the EU but not yet in the Nordic countries. Business-Remedy Associates and our partner Louise Bratt-Carle, Ellemce HB, assignment is to find a solution for the entry of Micro-finance onto the Swedish market.

Project management - Lund University


Implementation project gone bad and in desperat need of control where the starting point of this very interesting assignment.

The procurment, implementation and the many departments working together made this a real challenge with a succesful ending.

EU Financing & Eco-innovation


Working with Airglass and Business-Remedy Associate Kicki Hansen, Hansen marknadsanalys AB, this project ended up in an Eco-innovation application for the EU program Eco-innovation.


Starting with a deep analysis and an understanding of the product, material and process the writing became clear and a network of partners was formed in order to offer the project a fast growth potential.



Business development / analysis - Y. Berger AB

In a new phase of the Company the input from others can be vital and therefore Y. Berger AB asked Business-Remedy Associates and our partner Lingate Productions AB to be their "sparring partner" and also to help analys and develop the business. Find co-financing of new Product development and marketing.



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